Why do we run a Group joining list?

  • To ensure a fair and consistent approach is adopted.
  • To ensure all vacancies are filled with the right candidates.
  • To have one central record of all waiting candidates.

What are the age ranges (ideals plus flexibility allowed)?

  • Beavers 6 – 8 (flexibility 6 to 8 yrs 6 mths)
  • Cubs 8 – 10yrs 6 mths (flexibility is at upper end allowing leavers at 10yrs)
  • Scouts 10 – 14
  • Explorers 14 –18

All sections are co-educational.

When will vacancies arise?

That really does depend on numbers already in a Section.

How are priorities managed?

  • Priority must be given to any existing member of the Scout Association moving into the area.  They will not normally wait until the new term.
  • Children of existing or new Uniformed Leaders within the Group are also prioritised.
  • Thereafter, within the waiting list, the longest standing candidate will be invited provided he/she meets the following criterion:

The highest placed candidate meeting the criterion will be invited.

When can my child be added to the waiting list?

  • At Sheet Scout Group, we welcome application at any age. Just click the link below and complete the form.